Milk Test Strips

As a cattle farmer, it’s essential to protect the health of your animals in order to maximise milk production and profits. Maintaining a healthy heard is important to achieving this.

Up to 60 days prior to calving and 30 days after are when your cows are most at risk from a weakened immune system and negative energy balance. Using our milk test strips as part of your dairy heard management can play a key role in detection and prevention of disease and illness, identifying even before visible symptoms appear.
By proactively testing milk, you and your vet can easily and effectively create a continuous management programme, through partnership, to keep your cattle healthy and productive.

Our test strips designed for use with milk simplifies and speeds up the testing process in comparison to urine testing. The benefits of milk testing are the quick and easy results that help with maintaining good management practice, adjusting dietary requirements accordingly, preventing and controlling mastitis and identifying when to seek treatment early in order to prevent more serious health issues, higher costs and decreased milk production.

Regularly monitoring using milk test strips can provide insights into an animals health even before symptoms appear and is the best way of preventing lowered milk yields, reduced milk quality and increased cost to production.

In this category you will find specifically chosen products which can determine, subclinical ketosis by detecting BHB (B-Hydroxybutrate), Udder infection (Mastitis) by detecting LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) and Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) to monitor the protein nutritional status of dairy cows. Our MilkDoctor 50S™ portable analyser is small and compact perfect for field testing, recording up to 2000 results on its internal memory.

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Showing all 4 results