Urine Test Strips

Our Dirui urine test strips range from one to fourteen parameters – Urobilinogen, Bilirubin, Ketone, Creatinine, Blood, Protein, Microalbumin, Nitrite, Leukocytes, Glucose, Specific Gravity, pH, Ascorbic Acid, Ca.

Dirui – a leading class supplier of high-quality diagnostics products, with brand recognition from Siemens. Dirui has continued work in research and development for over 25 years. Exporting to over 90 countries worldwide and backed with brand recognition from Siemens (who purchased Dirui’s CS-1300 Auto-Chemistry Analyser to add to their product list).
These Urine Test Strips are of professional quality and therefore intended for use by medical professionals who know how to correctly interpret the results. All urine test strips are CE Marked, FDA Certified and adhere to strict ISO Norms.

Analysis of the urine is a very common test performed in many healthcare settings by collecting a urine sample from the patient.
Doctors order a urine test for many reasons such as routine medical evaluation, diagnosing, monitoring and treatment response.
The use of urine test strips has extended to self-testing at home for monitoring purposes or under instruction from a medical professional. For those who are not a medical professional and are intending to use urine test strips for the first time, seek advice before performing a urine test. Urinalysis is performed as part of an assessment and follow-up tests may be required.

When collecting a urine sample, it is best to catch the urine in a clean disposable container, preferably using a urine cup to avoid any contamination. Optimal samples are collected midstream from the first-morning urination. A ‘midstream’ or ‘clean’ catch is when some urine is voided before collecting the sample and, therefore, reducing the risk of contaminants in a specimen. A morning sample is preferred because it provides a more concentrated specimen due to the length of time held in the bladder.

Always read the package insert and follow reading times. Results read before or after the stated reading times may not be accurate.

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Showing all 4 results