Health Mate™ LDH, Lactate Dehydrogenase Milk Test Strips

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• Quickly scan for Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) in milk

• Detect udder infections early

• 10 Test Strips, Store opened for 6 Months

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The Health Mate™ LDH is a dipstick test to determine elevated levels of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in the milk.

Mastitis is an inflammation of the mammary gland that is nearly always caused by bacteria in the udder. It is the most costly disease in the dairy industry due to lowered milk yield and milk quality, causing increased production cost’s.

The response of the animal’s immune system to inflammation is an increase in white blood cell count in the udder. This defence mechanism is accompanied by the release of several enzymes including lactate dehydrogenase (LDH). The more severe the inflammatory response, the higher the level of this enzyme.

LDH levels often rise earlier than somatic cell counts, making it an excellent marker for early detection of udder infections.

10 Milk test strips
Results in one minute
No need for refrigeration
Once opened the strips will store for 6 Months

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